COMMISSIONED BY warwickshire libraries npo & hERITAGE & CULTURE
CONNECTING LOCAL Collections with military spouses & CARE LEAVERS
methods creative workshops, co-produced portraits, book production & exhibition FUNDED BY ARTS COUNCIL ENGLAND

A series of photographs and related artworks made through co-production workshops devised by artist Faye Claridge with two communities whose stories are rarely heard and experiences seldom recorded: military spouses living on a secluded secure base, and care leavers, entering adulthood with diminishing support.

Both groups have complex relationships to belonging and senses of home. All project participants live in - and integrate with – wider Warwickshire communities, whilst carrying impacts of protection and control specific to their particular experiences.

Hidden Stories is commissioned by Warwickshire Libraries and Heritage & Culture Warwickshire, both keenly aware their collections represent majority perspectives. They are excited this project uses existing archives as a starting point to create new material representing experiences from two of Warwickshire’s lesser-known resident groups.