My work explores identity, photography and history, often using archives or museums to look at how personal and national identity are based on ideas of tradition or past events.

My photographs reference museum tableau and grand portraiture and present subjects drawn from national customs and folklore. I also work in other media and am currently producing a 5 metre high corn dolly to be used as a prop within a photographic work and to stand as an outdoor sculpture at Compton Verney.

I frequently work with the public, especially children, using residencies and opportunities with collections to get audiences involved in questioning their view of the past and their place in telling stories about history.

My work is never a clean documentary as it uses theatrical orchestration to confront expectation and allow a sense of the uncanny. The face is central to this and recurs in my work, sometimes hidden or obscured, as disguise and costume are key themes. Disrupting the ability to 'read' a face raises awareness of our most common and unconscious form of interaction and judgement-making and makes us question how we relate to others (past and present).